Summer 2017 Newsletter


Hello Friends,

    Summer is upon us. After a gorgeous Spring filled with warm and sometimes hot days, we are now settled into our usual summer weather pattern. The days begin with fog that breaks in the late morning giving way to endless blue skies, hot afternoons and cool evenings. This is perfect weather for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

    To us it’s always amazing how the seasons roll around and come back again, each with their own predictable weather pattern. True, there are often days of unusual weather that don’t fit into the seasons historical patterns (especially now with global warming) but generally we can predict how each season will play out weather-wise. Are the gods favoring us? So far the seasons have lived up to all the predictions–good for us farmers who need a bit of foresight into what’s coming up.  

    And right now our vineyards look great, like a sea of green sailing through time. The vines stand tall, the rows have been sheared and de-leafed, and are devoid of weeds thanks to our vineyard manager Sebastian who spent many days trimming the vines and cleaning away the leaves that blocked the sun from getting to the grape clusters. Maintaining the vines is an important part of getting the best crop possible.

    Look a little closer and you can see our new crop of Pinot Noir grapes, hanging at the bottom of the green vines. They are coming along well, the clusters exposed to the east, facing the morning sun. The little grapes have been growing steadily bigger over the last few months. Their clusters are tight and clean. With all the rain we experienced over the past winter and spring, and good weather between now and harvest time, we predict a better than average harvest this year. A heavier harvest. We shall see. We’re hoping! That would mean more wine! Yay!

    Soon veraison will be taking place again–that magical change in the grapes that turn them from green little balls into juicy purple orbs. It is a signal that harvest time is coming. Like a zucchini that starts with a blossom. When the blossom fades and curls up you know you better keep an eye on that zucchini or soon you will have a monster on your hands. Well, maybe it’s not quite like a zucchini but you know what we mean.

    Our 2016 Pinot Noir is almost finished aging in the barrel and we will be bottling it on August 11th. We barrel tasted it at the last wine club event on April 27th and everyone agreed it was so good it was ready to drink but with 3 more months of oak-barrel aging it will be even better! With one Pigs & Pinot Award in our pocket we have visions of another award winner in the works. Needless to say we are looking forward to enjoying our new Pinot Noir vintage in the near future.

    Our 2016 vintage Chardonnay has just been bottled on July 7th at Martin Ray Winery. Last year we made our first vintage of Chardonnay and we were very pleased with how it turned out. When we had our first sip we knew we had a winner! We think those of you who tasted it enjoyed it as much as we did. The 2015 vintage was served exclusively at our events but we will be offering our 2016 Chardonnay to our wine club members in the near future. We can’t wait!  

    Our next wine club pick up party is scheduled for Sunday, September 17th. We hope you can make it. Besides lots of wine we will have a “no theme” barbeque. Come as you like and enjoy the latest vintages, and great food! We hope to have a band, too. We’ll be sending out the invitation with further details in the next month or so. Keep your eye out for it!

See you in September!

From Dan and Jan and everyone at
O’Connell Vineyards and Vine Hill House

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